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I’m here.

Why is my wound a front door to you? Am I my own shadow?

sylveonce: "I've told my friend she needs to watch Buffy and she's all for it. However, as college students, we're pretty busy and I don't know if the two-part series opener is the best episode to introduce her to the series. What would you recommend?"

In my opinion, you should show her Hush, because it’s funny and scary, and there isn’t any serious connection with the previous episodes. Also Pangs, Earshot and Him are good. :)

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tv meme: characters you love
 buffy summers (10/10)

Buffy Summers → Faceless

princetoothless: "You have just been added to my dash as the only solely BTVS blog there. I believe it will add some much needed variety to my life c:"

I’m definitely not the only one here, but thanks. :)

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to be hers